Upgraded Website! – “It’s alive… it’s alive!”

At last, the website has now been upgraded! The site used to be pure HTML and iframes… yucky! It is now controlled by a CMS, which helps to keep everything easily up-to-date and also adds some social media into the mix.

So over the next few months this website will change, grow, and populate. You guys are needed to help keep this website up to date with all the goings-on.

This website is for you to find useful… so make it that way!

Happy Linux-ing!

  • Loving it.

  • Also for Ubuntu fans, the default font selection is the Ubuntu typeface! (You will need the Ubuntu typeface installed… unless you are viewing this website on Ubuntu) – http://font.ubuntu.com/

    • Super Durt

      You also can use the CSS3 @font-face tag; good browsers support this already!

      For the Linux part of this site: I’m only in if there will be support for LittleGPtracker. That is the only reason I got a psp in the first place!

      • Yea thanks, I only recently noticed that on another website – I’ve set it up now.

        LittleGPtracker would be such a good addition! I notice it has been used at live performances.

  • doblete mentol