Last stutus update quoted from CG…

This was the last stutus update quoted from CG on psp-gnulinux-devel forums:

> – started to read Building Embedded Linux Systems (O’Reilly) and…
> Understanding The Linux Kernel

> – looked over some presentations on uCLinux

> – browsed the net to see what others have done

> – planned to setup the dev environment for compiling the kernel 🙂 (based on xiptech setup); only the 2.4.19 kernel has been patched for nommu on mips; download the 2.4.19 from, patch > it with the uclinux patch from and then patch it with the xiptech patch. Download the toolchain provided by xiptech. I haven’t started the compilation yet, TBD in this weekend

> – thought about this: no mmu => the kernel should be either linked from the starting address where it will be loaded (because the IV pointer is located at a fixed address as far as I know)

> OR

> we first disable all the interrupts (so that raised exception would not bugger us) and THEN move the image from the mem location from where it has been loaded to 0x00010000 and jump to the setup() code