Upgraded Website! – “It’s alive… it’s alive!”

At last, the website has now been upgraded! The site used to be pure HTML and iframes… yucky! It is now controlled by a CMS, which helps to keep everything easily up-to-date and also adds some social media into the mix.

So over the next few months this website will change, grow, and populate. You guys are needed Continue reading

Jackson Mo has released the latest uClinux PSP!

It is the newest kernel 2.6.22-uc1 and also comes with added extras including ‘Busybox 1.7’, a serial driver to control the remote control port on the original PSP, block device driver for Memory Stick access, Joypad driver for PSP button use, On-screen keyboard, mips toolchain for building custom programs, and more… Check out the link below to his Continue reading